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Starting at the early age of 9 in Houston, TX, Zach Kornhauser picked up his first electric guitar...and never looked back. Zach started out playing in numerous cover bands ranging from classic rock hits to more contemporary tunes. Once in high school, he started taking music theory courses with the local powerhouse Kelly Dean. This was just the beginning for Zach’s career in the music industry.

From there, Zach received two bachelor’s degrees in music performance and audio production from Columbia College Chicago. This completed education led Zach to become an assistant audio engineer for Grammy-Award winning engineer, Ernie Wells. At the age of 22, Zach would go on to record many world class acts such as Kurt Carr and Kathy Taylor. Alongside this position, he brought his audio experiences to Sugarhill Recording Studios while working alongside Grammy-Award winning engineer and studio owner, Dan Workman.


Zach’s post-college experiences eventually led him to move to New York City, where he received a master’s degree in music business from New York University. During his continued education, Zach made his way into Atlantic Records where he currently is a mastering & audio engineer for their New York City studio facility.


With a strong focus on audio fidelity, Zach’s philosophy aims to create high resolution recordings that fully represents the musicians’ artistic intent.

He has had the privilege of working with artists including Jason Mraz, Rob Thomas, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Sia, Portugal. The Man, Stretch & Bobbito, Matt Maeson, Christina Perri & more.

 Treat music like it's a part of who you are.



-Zach Kornhauser


This is where everything is born. Putting your music and arrangements out on the canvas. Whether it’s a solo vocalist or full band setting, accommodations are available. Using state of the art recording technology, it is imperative to capture the best performances for your ultimate song or album.



When it comes to mixing, it’s all about balancing every intricate part to form a pleasing and exciting recording. Each aspect of the recording needs to be tailored and presented in a way to reinforce the song’s artistic intent.



A speciality here at Kornhauser Sound, the mastering stage of production is the final chance for a

recording to be re-evaluated and optimized before it ever reaches the publics’ ears. Once your song or album has been mixed, everything needs to be presented in its best form as a single package. Mastering requires an experienced ear and understanding of the bigger picture of a recording; objectivity is key.



Learn it, Live it, Make it a part of your world.


-Kelly Dean


 A recording is the culmination of your creative aspirations.



-Zach Kornhauser



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